Art & Photography & More

Hello! I’m Mel


I create artwork + photographs + designs for fun and work.
(It’s pretty great).

I love action movies & romance novels (and especially both at the same time!) I wear many hats. Some of them are literal.

I’m powered by sunshine and coffee. I’m multi-craftual. I’m a maker at heart. 


Blue chair cats

The arrival of a new chair means they each need to thoroughly inspect it. (They've given their approval.)

Recently (ish)

Oh hello! Why yes I do still exist 😁  It's amazing how busy things can feel even when there isn't much "happening" (thanks, pandemic). I've been lucky enough to have the physical and mental space to practice my art - oh my god I knew having dedicated...

Cat naps: Part one thousand

DJ Magnus & Cyberpunk Marty

Jewelry / Note to Self

I drape myself in talismans, imagery of strength, courage, peace, and harmony. Convince myself at length that if I find the formula, the secret, I’ll be safe from the monsters in my mind, their cruelty and hate. What else can I do in the face of all my demons but hold...

Kittens everywhere + Petzval

Miss Cinnamon sat nicely for me so I could test drive the Lomography New Petzval 80 Bokeh Control. She's so fluff. A caveat for this shots - the sun was moving in an out of clouds so the lighting changed from moment to moment. Martin was... less still, but once Eric...


Why hello there! A year or so of posts disappeared into the ether thanks to a server failure, so I'm thinking of this as a fresh start. From here older posts will have missing images or text and may not show up well in this theme - but I didn't quite have the heart to...


Retro Tobercat

Petzval 85 in the rose garden