I drape myself in talismans, imagery of strength,

courage, peace, and harmony. Convince myself at length

that if I find the formula, the secret, I’ll be safe

from the monsters in my mind, their cruelty and hate.

What else can I do in the face of all my demons

but hold on tight and look at the sun? Let the light beam in

and soften the shadows. 

Take the cutting edge down to a touch more bruising than a caress

but gentler than the battles.

I fight alone, yet not. Legions 

beside me, pushing back their own teeming

hoards of doubt and despair. How do we know we can get to a place where

we can rest, regroup? 

We don’t. 

So we clutch our symbols, wear our amulets and stand tall. 

I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine. We are all

fighting. Alone. Together. 

We’ve got this. Keep going. Forever.