Just a few from today

Tiny little white crowned sparrow

Mute Swan

American Wigeon

Uh, mystery ninja sparrow?

Chilly/sleepy mallards

I can’t find Ninja Sparrow in my bird guide. I wonder what he is? And FYI, swans move fast when they see a person with a camera. Yeesh.

Today had a really neat sky

A couple shots of the back down from Kamloops


And a few from today…

The different layers of clouds make me happy. Not really composed great, but I was practicing sky shots. Got distracted by pigeons for a moment (all huddled around the warm air vent), but I spent a lot of time looking up :) Plus 2 pics from the fraser canyon.

A little early, but still welcome.

We had our early Christmas/Solstice dinner last night. Eric and I pulled off an amazing feat – a huge dinner in our tiny kitchen in two hours. (That food processor was the smartest decision ever.) It was like a food prep dance, moving around each other. We somehow managed to make a huge ham with roast carrots, stuffing, mashed potatos, pan-fried brussel sprouts, fresh buns, omgfood. Definitely tested the limits of the size of the oven, but with some creative Tetris-ing (“Heck yeah we can make buns in two pie tins!”) to fit things around the ham, it worked.

Braden’s mum is here for a few days before taking him back home for Christmas, and with one more friend for good luck, we had a wonderful dinner. I love the dinners that take up every chair in the house and gather them around the table.

We had a small gift opening, really just Braden, because I’m working late tonight and he leaves tomorrow. I made him a Jake the Dog scarf (from Adventure Time). I was smiling the whole time I made it, and I’m so glad he loved it too! He didn’t take it off the rest of the night. (The best compliment, I think) I’ll try to get some better pictures soon. Now, for us, it’s all downhill until January when it’s our turn to visit family. There is plenty of time to breathe and plan until then. Whew.

A year in the making

Blurry Toby is helping

Blurry Toby is helping

Martin wants to help too!

pin ALL the egdes!

Preparing to stab myself, er, sew the edges

Martin loves blanket tunnels!

ta DA


After putting off finishing for a YEAR, I completed this blanket because I’m procrastinating on a knitting project.

I know. I’m strange.

It’s made from old/free/PAX tees that were too large or just no longer worn. The backing was reeeeally cheap,and when this is used as a park blanket, it’s already green and brown! The cats graciously christened it with fur already (So nice of them). It’s nice and hefty and a little ugly/awesome and I love it!

Now I should really finish that knitting…




So maybe I’m beginning to get a little excited for decorating. Two simple garlands is all it takes. I’m definitely waiting until this weekend for the tiny tree, though. First weekend of December is our tradition. Only two days!

Do you have any plans to decorate this weekend?

3/$1 felt, $1.50 ornaments, stash yarn

Rainy Beach Day

Yesterday we went out to Island View Beach, and saw an otter! It had a fish bigger than its head in its paws, which it left behind when we started walking closer. A sea gull was lying in wait to take it though. I also found out that one of my boots has a leak in it. Ugh. That was a nice surprise while standing in a puddle!

Today I made a giant loaf sandwich and carrot ginger squash soup, which turned out amazing. SO GOOD. We’re having the leftovers for dinner, with enough left to add to my soup stash in the freezer. yay! Here, have a bad cell phone picture of my delicious bread!

I also wrote out all of my holiday cards to send out this week. There’s still a couple cards left to write in, and I can put them in the mail box!

What did you do this weekend?