gishwhes 2015

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And so the wonderful creative week-long energy fest that is gishwhes is done for another year.¬†Once again, we didn’t complete as many items as we’d hoped, but oh my goodness did we ever jump out of our comfort zones anyway! Our team’s members were from Canada and the U.S. in several different cities. We all had life and vacations and work to deal with amongst the crazyness, but we managed to do some pretty great things!

I never expected that I would set up a tent at a highway rest stop to make it a “restful paradise”. I don’t know how many times I yelled “It’s for a scavenger hunt!” as people pulled in and looked at us confused. At least we left strangers with a smile on their face!

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I created a bandolier out of my favourite books for #BooksNotBullets.

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I discovered that salt can be an excellent portrait medium.

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We learned that while the Tooth Fairy might have been on strike, the Unimpressed Dish Fairy was still at work.

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We tweeted unconventional gardening advice at Michelle Obama,

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and hosted a party for conspiracy theorists.

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Our team of fifteen accomplished so much. This year (my second gishwhes) I enjoyed myself greatly and had so much fun creating the items. There is nothing like budget, time, and energy constraints to push you to be creative!


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