Saturday Morning


Taken on the ferry in the Gulf Islands.


It’s a drifting part of the summer. I’m furiously doing a lot of work behind the scenes, but don’t have a lot to show for it yet. I’m feeling a bit of everything. Excitement for the wedding. Frustration at my lack of ‘real’ work experience and my nerves at just going out and freelancing already. A little bit of summer sad because I can’t possibly do everything that I’d like to. Sometimes I think it wouldn’t be so bad to have cylon clones, we we could all live a different life and share the conciousness. But then I imagine it would get mighty confusing!

So, I do little things to help myself out. I’m taking extra classes to improve my web skills: UX, Javascript & JQuery, WordPress Dev. I’m reading ‘work’ books: The Design of Everyday Things, Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager. I’m practicing my lettering: ligatures, line smoothness. And I’m taking on as many small projects as friends will let me do. A filming and editing job here, some portraits there. I get to work with people I like and create something with them; that’s my favourite part of being in a creative industry, I think.