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2024 in Books: Part one

It's officially July (?!) and I thought I'd share what I've read so far this year. Key: ↺ Reread▶ Recommend▨ DNF A Tyrany of Queens - Foz MeadowsA Rogue of One's Own - Evie DunmoreBookshops & Bonedust - Travis Baldree ▶The Last Devil to Die - Richard OsmanCity of...

Crazy Cattos

This week's funtime drawing is a selection of delightful cat positions. Perhaps at some point I'll make a proper poster out of them, but for now I'm having fun drawing without pressure. xo


Ahahaha let's not look at the calendar. Shhhh, step away. Anyway. Recently I've embarked on a studio reorganization quest - it's one of those things that has to get a lot messier before it gets better - so I've been sticking to small projects rather than sinking into...

Art Prompts: September

It's just about art prompt season! The summer has been busy (for the best reasons) but I've really missed having scheduled art time. As September comes speeding toward us (OH BOY ALREADY) I'm starting up my daily drawings again - but this time I invite you to join me!...

This week in cats

Mango and Marty both love the fuzzy blanket so much that they've called a temporary truce. Each day they touch a little bit more. Charlie helps act as a mediator sometimes since she will sleep on anyone that is still long enough. Yesterday was the best though -...

Charlie: 1 Year Later

A year ago yesterday we brought home a very long but wee three month old kitten <3 She was so light! And could jump like she had springs in her butt -- right over the barrier I put in the doorway while the cat fam sniffed each other out. Mango waited a day then...

There’s no place like home

It's been over a year of excavation behind us &A neighbour's outdoor cat killed the mama bird &E found the babies all dead in their nest &Charlie hides each time she hears the blasting warning &When will we get some rest. Digital illustration...

Spring in three photos

Creeping buttercup by the shed / camas in bloom between garry oaks / climbing roses in the garden

Charlie, watching

[ID: three images of a young calico cat sitting up straight on top of an armchair. In the last image her head is tilted in interest.] Charlie is VERY not into the excavation and blasting noises behind the house*, but sometimes the excavators are interesting to watch...

Charlego Bath Fights

Charlie and Mango are so dang cute. They have what I've dubbed "bath fights" that start with grooming and end with wrestling matches. Charlie sometimes attempts to help out Cinna and Marty with their hygiene but they are very not into the buddy system. Oh well, at...

Hello! I’m Mel


I create artwork + photographs + designs for fun and work, which means I collect hobbies and make stuff. 

Fan of: action movies & romance novels (and especially both at the same time!), so many other genres, parentheticals (no I won’t stop), and games from wordle to Baldur’s Gate 3. 

I’m powered by sunshine and coffee. I’m multi-craftual. I’m a maker at heart. Nice to meet you!