I had to

As I was doing some test with the colour gels, I couldn’t help but go for the lame joke ;D

(Addams Family/Stranger Things mashup)

strobes and cats

Only the best of fake sunbeams for Marty.

Nautilus cat.

Constructivist Tober-cat.


I’m writing up ads for Dad’s old film cameras and getting strangely emotional. This one especially, the Canon AE-1, holds a lot of memories for me. I had automatic film cameras growing up, basic things so we could document our silly games. But this one was the first Real Camera I ever used.

I borrowed it for high school photo class and suddenly the world looked different. The distance provided by the lens let me see things in a different light. This camera signaled the official start point of an obsession. It’s a little hard to let it go, but hopefully, it will spark something in its next owner too.



I can sleep in October… or maybe November

Much has been happening. I’ve been coming and going so often I feel dizzy! So, until I carve out time later this week (I hope), have a photo from my visit to Kamloops in August (a month ago!). The one clearer evening without much forest fire smoke, and the moon shining through it all.

summers end

August sunsets are warm and golden, and worth traipsing through the itchy grass for a shot.

[outtake from a shoot]


Camping – Saturday Snapshots


Clouds and gradients

The changing view from Heather Campsite on Cowichan Lake.

Weekend snapshot

Until I finish with the rest of the photos, have a peek at our weekend.