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Hello! I’m Mel


I create artwork + photographs + designs for fun and work.
(It’s pretty great).

I love action movies & romance novels (and especially both at the same time!) I wear many hats. Some of them are literal.

I’m powered by sunshine and coffee. I’m multi-craftual. I’m a maker at heart. 


Birb watch

Magnus and Cinnamon are the security team 'round here. They sit on the freezer and watch the birds on the front lawn out the kitchen window, peering out through the plant forest. They only charge a few leaf chomps for the service 😄

A gift for mum

After *mumble* months in time out because I kept miscounting, this month I hauled knitter ass and finished Duwamish for mum <3 The tonal variegation of Mineville Wool Project 4/8 is lovely - while there's some striping of colour across the rows I don't find that it...

Blue chair cats

The arrival of a new chair means they each need to thoroughly inspect it. (They've given their approval.)

Recently (ish)

Oh hello! Why yes I do still exist 😁  It's amazing how busy things can feel even when there isn't much "happening" (thanks, pandemic). I've been lucky enough to have the physical and mental space to practice my art - oh my god I knew having dedicated...

Cat naps: Part one thousand

DJ Magnus & Cyberpunk Marty

Jewelry / Note to Self

I drape myself in talismans, imagery of strength, courage, peace, and harmony. Convince myself at length that if I find the formula, the secret, I’ll be safe from the monsters in my mind, their cruelty and hate. What else can I do in the face of all my demons but hold...

Kittens everywhere + Petzval

Miss Cinnamon sat nicely for me so I could test drive the Lomography New Petzval 80 Bokeh Control. She's so fluff. A caveat for this shots - the sun was moving in an out of clouds so the lighting changed from moment to moment. Martin was... less still, but once Eric...


Why hello there! A year or so of posts disappeared into the ether thanks to a server failure, so I'm thinking of this as a fresh start. From here older posts will have missing images or text and may not show up well in this theme - but I didn't quite have the heart to...