Grief is a sneaky bitch, and 2022 was rough, friends. We brought Charlie home in July, then immediately dealt with a series of cat health problems, including Marty spending most of a week in the vet hospital with acute pancreatitis. It was a lot of very intense caretaking and family care was my focus for several months.

So, better late than never, meet Charlie! <3

12wks old when we brought her home
8 months old and full of beans

Mango & Charlie became instant best friends. We were happily surprised that Mango took up big brother duties so seriously. Even Cinnamon took less time than expected to warm up to the new resident. Marty’s old man opinion is that cuddles are acceptable but don’t play at him, which, you know, valid.

She is such a little chaos demon and we love her so much. She loves to parkour her way around the house, doing baby goat bounces off walls and chairs. She steals wires, plastic bags, fluff, foam – anything not nailed down – so she can play with it. She plays fetch! She is very “border collie in a cat shape”, which means that we have built stage one of a cat playground in the corner of the living room. I’ll write about that later because she’s currently sleeping on me and typing is becoming difficult!

xo Mel