A year ago yesterday we brought home a very long but wee three month old kitten <3

She was so light! And could jump like she had springs in her butt — right over the barrier I put in the doorway while the cat fam sniffed each other out. Mango waited a day then joined us in my office and immediately took to her, to our surprise – he was (and is) a bit of a butthead sometimes and I’m so happy that they became immediate besties.

Her arrival was bittersweet. We still feel the gaps where Tobercat used to be. The exhaustion of introducing and caring for a kitten was a welcome distraction, even as the grief stayed with us. They’re very different ladies but both very chatty – oh my goodness, when Charlie and Marty do their evening trill-meow at each other! My heart!

At just over a year old she’s finally grown into her ears but she’s still very lanky and pointy. I wonder if she’ll fill out like Mango or stay in her peak parkour form? One of her favourite things is post-breakfast ninja run around the playground corner and living room furniture. She races us up the stairs to scratch the cat mat on the railing, and her favourite toys are wires stolen from Eric’s desk, the pull-strings from packages when you open them, and one time last night’s tea bag from Eric’s mug.

We love her so much and I’m so glad she’s part of our family <3