A tabby cat is sleeping with both paws over his face.
A tabby cat and a tuxedo cat are curled up sleeping on their sides. They face opposite directions. Their butts touch.
A tabby cat with his eyes closed` sits with his paws together over the edge of the couch cushion. A woman sits behind him with her legs crossed, and is making a peace sign behind his head.

Mango and Marty both love the fuzzy blanket so much that they’ve called a temporary truce. Each day they touch a little bit more. Charlie helps act as a mediator sometimes since she will sleep on anyone that is still long enough. Yesterday was the best though – Charlie and Marty were sleeping on opposite sides of the blanket, and Mango had just enough room to carefully curl up in between them. No one hissed! It likely won’t last long but I’m so glad they’re able to be near each other without being buttheads 😁