Visits from family

My brother and my sister-in-law came down to visit last week. The weather was awesome the entire time, and we adventured all over downtown. I took them to see Craigdarroch Castle, the beautiful house that the Dunsmuir family built between 1887-1890. It’s had incarnations as a military college, a conservatory of music, as well as Victoria College, the starting point of UVIC. It’s now a museum, and the woodwork and interior is just amazing. I’d definitely recommend it to someone visiting the area. I might just go back in December to see how they decorate it :)

I also enlisted Chelsy to make my beef buns for dinner. They smell sooo good while they’re baking, and they taste pretty awesome too! I think they went over pretty well :)

Today’s plan is to throw some ingredients in the slow cooker and magically have chili at dinner. I’ll let you know how that goes, especially since the lid is AWOL. I think I can manage to rig something up with tin foil and a different lid. It may involve duct tape…