A simple self-portrait using the open front door as a bounce. Un-retouched. Just because I feel happy.

Marty was sleeping beside me the whole time, and I was sitting on the floor. You don’t need much for a photo – just light and something for the camera to sit on (in this case, a tripod).

Phone pic for reference. (Marty wasn’t super excited about the camera)


Somehow it’s already the 13th of May. Time is slippery.

Last week felt like summer, all bright and warm, and today is back to the slight chill of spring with socks definitely necessary inside today.

I am overwhelmed, honestly. I believe I’ll find my way through (I usually do) but for now the worry and discomfort is… not fun.

All I can do is keep this picture in mind today when I’m worked up. A sleepy sunbeam nap and an utterly relaxed cat. <3


Sometimes, when your brain is stuck and you need to energize, stepping outside for a deep breath is the best solution.

But then you see the neighbour’s dog and I mean look, you can’t turn down those eyes. You pretty much have to go play with them for a bit.

And you can’t neglect the kitties and it turns out that Front Door Sunbeam Season has returned. (Tobers is a very happy cat.)

(She has adopted this pillow and now we’re never gonna get it back. Who needs pet beds?)