Spring Spring Spring

I’ve been using Flickr for school assignments, and have admittedly forgotten to upload some here. Whoops. Well, it may be a little behind, but here is a taste of spring in Victoria.


Contemplating Life



Image Explorations, Part Two

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Legislature, Butchart Gardens, Fisherman’s Wharf

Image Explorations, Part One

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So, I might be a month and a half behind, but I finally made the time to put up my pictures from July!  These are from around the pond at Shawnigan Lake School, Kinsol Trestle, and the broken glass is from a junkyard :)

Tiny cute fuzzy things.


Note the wing nub! eee!

A sanpiper of unknown origin. He's confusing.

I heart paths

Red-winged Blackbird. Has cool orange and yellow racing stripes :)

It's a dragonfly parking lot!

Bewick's Wren and an Anna's Hummingbird with IntenseFace

Better view of the Blackbird's wing.

It’s officially baby season at Swan Lake! So many little ducks and geese. The ducklings, at least, have little wings to flap when they run, but the geese are left with nothing but little nubs. It makes them look like fuzzy veloceraptors when then move. Creepy and cute at the same time. There was a turkey vulture soaring in circles above. Daaamn, those things look big when they fly :s

There is a bench by the nature house, almost invisible from the path, especially now that the grass is so high. It’s a perfect spot to sit and listen in the breeze. Ahhhhhhh. I think I might go back tomorrow.

Mead, ho!

Tugwell Creek Farm Meadery, out past Sooke on West Coast Road.

It was a beautiful winding drive, with views of the ocean. The leaves are beginning to turn on the trees, and even though it was a little overcast, it was gorgeous. I love autumn.