Image Explorations, Part Three

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Just before going to Image Explorations, I got a new phone (the water damage/corrosion finally caught up with me). Turns out that the camera on that thing is pretty good, considering it makes calls.

Top two are with an HDR app. (Not bad…) Last three are with Pudding Camera. (Weird name, cool effects)

Image Explorations, Part Two

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Legislature, Butchart Gardens, Fisherman’s Wharf

…glorious and free…

We only got to spend a short time downtown for Canada Day, but I’m really glad we went. This is one of my favourite days of the year. The time we celebrate our country and what it stands for. I’m proud to be Canadian.

I wish I’d been down there when the concerts started though – my inner child really wanted to see Fred Penner. At least the buskers were great. The band in the top picture played covers like Little Lion Man and Hey Jude. There’s also the Caped Piano Man that plays on Government St regularly. (He’s raising money to go to college). I think we saw a cello, a couple violins, and a guitar or two as well. There’s always music to be heard down there, and I love it.