Roberts Memorial

A birthday outing

Today is Allan’s birthday, so we went on an adventure to surprise him for lunch. Afterward, we took a walk at Roberts Memorial Park – and proceeded to get muddy. Zeke had fun frolicking, even after he slipped on the sandstone. We even ran into (almost literally) two tiny snakes. Thankfully the rain held off until just after we got back to the car. The drive back down home was pretty good. Even with the sections of pouring rain, the hills looked beautiful with the misty clouds tangled in the trees. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday.

Roberts Memorial Provincial Park: Part 2

Roberts Memorial Provincial Park: Part 1

Today was an exploration day with Adam. The sun was out, but the wind was still quite cold. Not that this fuzzy guy seemed to care :) The sandstone beach looks like a strange moonscape (more photos in part two) and is quite slippery in sections. Luckily I think I used all my slipping powers on the icy snow earlier in the day.