Saanich Fall Fair

(Monster picture post)

This morning Eric and I went out to the Saanich Fall Fair. We spent a few hours looking at all the booths and petting the llamas and such. Turns out cows are A LOT bigger when they’re not halfway across a field, and pig squeals are louder than jet engines. (115 decibels to the plane’s 113) I also found out that sometimes llamas make noises like the baby T-rex in Jurassic Park. (Not kidding. It was a little creepy.)





Disco Llama




I got to pet this one :) Much bigger than she looks.

Sleepy sheep.

 The sound of the shutter woke her up.

Oh hi!


I know this is a little blurry, but their feathers were really neat. Reminds me of ballet dresses or something.

This guy was making some weeeeird noises.

This crazy quilt won a prize (unsurprisingly). All of the embroidery was done by hand. I overheard the maker of this talking to someone, and the front and back took five weeks each. Wow.

A scarf made with dog hair.

The Assassins Creed costume got a ribbon.

Yarn dyed with onion skins. The different shades are because of different m…..

Blacksmith trailer.

The perfect end to the excursion. Yum.