Oh hello! Why yes I do still exist 😁  It’s amazing how busy things can feel even when there isn’t much “happening” (thanks, pandemic).

I’ve been lucky enough to have the physical and mental space to practice my art – oh my god I knew having dedicated office/studio space would be wonderful, but it’s so much more awesome than I expected. I’m able to work on projects and leave things without it cluttering the kitchen table.

I’ve discovered I love painting! I’m having a ton of fun experimenting with mediums and styles. Some attempts are more successful than others – I had a helluva time doing the water gradients below since acrylic dries SO FAST. I think I’ll reattempt with oils at some point.

I’ve also been tinkering with leatherwork. I bought some offcuts from local makers and it’s been super fun messing around with ’em! (of course I had to make a logo stamp haha)

What’ve you been trying lately?