Needle Felting

I made my first needle felting project yesterday. It’s hard to believe this started as a pile of fluff almost as big as my head. If you want to stab something a million times, this is the craft for you! I decided that my first project should be something simple, so I went with a jewelry drop zone for my nightstand. For a while, I was worried about how it would turn out – it can be hard to gauge the final shape when you’re poking blindly into fluff with a sharp needle. (Ps, watch your fingers.) Eventually, I made it solid enough to add the colour swoops.

[Back view]

All in all, I think I did alright for my first project! (My second and third were round cat toys that I doused with catnip :D) What have you made lately?

Jamageddon: The Peachening

_MG_2485 (Large)

Saturday on our long drive home we passed through Osoyoos. I was hoping for some early peaches at one of the many roadside fruit stands and I was in luck! We purchased a 10 lb box there, but grabbed another in Cawston because we couldn’t help ourselves. (We also stopped at a craft cidery there, but I’ll talk about that later this week.) The rest of the drive home smelled amazing.

This meant, of course, that Sunday was jam day. Eric and I cleared off our extra “counter”, moved the microwave and toaster and set to work. All three recipes are from Food in Jars (both her blog and the cookbook). First we made Honey-Sweetened Peach Vanilla Jam, then Peach Salsa and Peach Jam from the cookbook. There was a lot of dipping into the pot for taste tests, yum! Most of these will be hoarded away for us, but a precious few will be handed out to friends. (If they’re lucky ;) )

The Dark Side is Calling…

There was a sale, I was weak, and now we have another pillow.

_MG_1721 (Large)

Now Kylo Ren and Phasma are on our couch too! I stayed with the orange accented fabric since Eric’s a fan of it, even though it kind of bothers me that it’s a different shade. Oh well. I also made a set of cushions for some friends. They decided on a more graphic/stylized print.

_MG_1710 (Large)

One side is the Star Wars print, the other is plain black for versatility. Sometimes you want the nerdy decor, other times not so much. Now that I have these done, I can get back to my other projects!

The Force is sleepy

_MG_1542 (Large)

Yesterday Eric and I were at the fabric store to pick up some supplies for another project when we saw the Star Wars specialty prints. It didn’t take long for for us to decide it was coming home with us, but only half a meter since it’s not as affordable as I’d like. But luckily that’s the perfect amount for a pillow cover!

_MG_1535 (Large)

I made it nice and simple – some navy blue piping and an orange zipper from my stash. The zipper isn’t really hidden, but the colour works well enough with the fabric it doesn’t stick out too horribly.

_MG_1547 (Large)

I’m slowly improving my zipper skills! Last year I made a whole bunch of zippered bags, which was a great way to practice installing them, but also get useful storage at the same time.

_MG_1545 (Large)

Our couch seems to be collecting geek pillows. Maybe we should look for more fabric to add to the collection? What do you think?

December Handmade List

In December I handmade:

Four hats (three gifts, one for me!)

_MG_1474 (Large)

Two hats look like that ^


I completed my first stranded project!

The fourth hat is a secret until I mail it out!

Two pairs of fingerless mitts (gifts)

_MG_1445 (Large)

For my mum


For Bailey

One scarf (gift)

_MG_1460 (Large)

For my FiL

Two custom stationery sets (gifts)

Two art prints (gifts)

I think I did alright, eh? Plus January first and second I made another hat as a surprise for a relative. I can’t wait for her to get it!