After *mumble* months in time out because I kept miscounting, this month I hauled knitter ass and finished Duwamish for mum <3

The tonal variegation of Mineville Wool Project 4/8 is lovely – while there’s some striping of colour across the rows I don’t find that it distracts from the pattern at all.

Project notes:

I completed four of five charts. After a row of chart five, I weighed the remaining yarn to see if I could complete chart 5 because I had a Feeling. I didn’t have enough – about half what I needed – so I nixed it and did 5 rows of garter edging plus bind-off to give it enough width to balance the side borders. Blocked and dried super fast with a fan on. Have about ~ 45g left of third skein of yarn. (Purchased a year ago so couldn’t get more of the dye lot.)

I’m so glad I was able to finish it and give it to Mum while she and Dad were here for Thanksgiving! She barely took it off the rest of the visit and let me tell you – that’s the best way to get more handmade gifts in the future ☺️