It’s just about art prompt season! The summer has been busy (for the best reasons) but I’ve really missed having scheduled art time. As September comes speeding toward us (OH BOY ALREADY) I’m starting up my daily drawings again – but this time I invite you to join me!

Draw, write, print, paint, stitch – whatever you feel like. Share publicly, or keep it private for yourself. There are no rules other than do your best to spend a little time each day creating art. You can mix it up by doubling prompts with other lists you enjoy or maybe even draw a tarot card for further inspiration – it’s up to you!

You cannot “fail” this challenge. If you make anything more than you would usually count it as a win! Have fun with it, life’s full of enough “shoulds” ;)

See you September first!

  1. begin
  2. learn
  3. twilight
  4. change
  5. grow
  6. water
  7. cookie
  8. candle
  9. sky
  10. coffee/tea
  11. waves
  12. meet
  13. trail
  14. market
  15. reach
  16. sapphire
  17. texture
  18. light
  19. dark
  20. layers
  21. paper
  22. freedom
  23. book
  24. write
  25. abstract
  26. music
  27. door
  28. story
  29. blackberry
  30. safe