Self-portrait, April 26

The best way to change my mood is to set up a photo.

The second best is to go out in the garden.


Sometimes, when your brain is stuck and you need to energize, stepping outside for a deep breath is the best solution.

But then you see the neighbour’s dog and I mean look, you can’t turn down those eyes. You pretty much have to go play with them for a bit.

And you can’t neglect the kitties and it turns out that Front Door Sunbeam Season has returned. (Tobers is a very happy cat.)

(She has adopted this pillow and now we’re never gonna get it back. Who needs pet beds?)

Just like that, it’s February

So much has happened in our families already! Death, birth, new projects, new pets.

Sunrises, sunsets, sunshine and snowfall.

I’ve knit several projects:

Beeswax Cowl for my MiL

Carbeth Sweater for myself (It’s gotten A TON of wear already)

All this to say, holy crap 2019, you’re really showing up.


So December flew by as fast as ever.

It was a whirlwind of joyful dinners with friends and mournful remembrance. I didn’t feel the usual bubbly excitement until the last moment. I was immune to the lights and the scents and the sounds. A combination of life and health and ugh piled up so that it didn’t hit me until the solstice that the year was about to end.

Solstice is my new year – the point when things change with the coming of longer days (thank goodness!). It felt like waking up, getting out from under the wet blanket of Before.

This is just to say,


I am here.

And will be here more.