Art school!?

This Friday marks the end of my first semester in school for graphic design. Bet you though that would never happen! I finished my “One sheet of paper” project. I plan to add some projects to a portfolio during winter break, but for now, have these images. (These will be re-shot with better lighting when I have more than 5 minutes :)

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Let’s go ride a bike

Isn’t she pretty?


She’s a Giant Cypress W. I took her for a proper test ride today, almost all the way to the Johnson St bridge.


It was a sunny afternoon, perfect for a ride. I managed to stay upright, and even closed my mouth before hitting the cloud of gnats. (Ha) I may have given my lungs and knees a bit of a shock, but it was fun, even if I only went 7km round trip. Next time I’ll try to make it further. :)

Now I need to give her a name. How about Ellie?

Parksville to Port Renfrew

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On the way back from our weekend in Parksville we saw: rain, sun, waves, beach, bears (4, including 2 cubs), deer (1), birds (lots), changing leaves, evergreens, and a really huge sitka spruce.

The longer scenic route is usually worth it.

(Sorry the formatting sucks today :s)