Fort Rodd, Take Two

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After an amazing Thanksgiving potluck Saturday night, and a pass-out sleep, we adventured to Fort Rodd! We saw some sleepy deer, a mystery lizard, and a sea lion swimming around the lighthouse. After much cavorting and picture-taking, we needed tea and pastries. Yep, must have tarts. Merchies saved the day!

I can’t believe it was almost too warm. On Thanksgiving weekend. In October. Wow. How was your weekend?

Fort Rodd Hill

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Today we explored Fort Rodd Hill. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as we did! It was interesting enough for Eric, and had info boards in front of major buildings, and there was a lot for me to take pictures of. Too bad I forgot my second battery in the charger at home. Oops. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back :)

It’s definitely affordable, less than $4 for an adult. (A nice change from attractions downtown.) We’re looking forward to going on the lantern tour in September, and might have to check out the Old English Car Affair as well. (Might be time to go crazy with HDR. MWAHAHA.)

*Note* I’m experimenting with a new gallery system (thanks, Eric!), so now if you click on an image, it appears in a fancy lightbox! It also makes uploading way easier. Hopefully this looks the same on all computers.


Canadian 4th of July

Beautiful sunset.

Port Angeles across the water.

I didn’t get any pictures of Canada Day – ours was pretty subdued, but still wonderful. But I ended up at the beach on the fourth of July, and I got the unexpected treat of seeing the holiday fireworks across the way in Port Angeles, Washington.   :)

Tiny cute fuzzy things.


Note the wing nub! eee!

A sanpiper of unknown origin. He's confusing.

I heart paths

Red-winged Blackbird. Has cool orange and yellow racing stripes :)

It's a dragonfly parking lot!

Bewick's Wren and an Anna's Hummingbird with IntenseFace

Better view of the Blackbird's wing.

It’s officially baby season at Swan Lake! So many little ducks and geese. The ducklings, at least, have little wings to flap when they run, but the geese are left with nothing but little nubs. It makes them look like fuzzy veloceraptors when then move. Creepy and cute at the same time. There was a turkey vulture soaring in circles above. Daaamn, those things look big when they fly :s

There is a bench by the nature house, almost invisible from the path, especially now that the grass is so high. It’s a perfect spot to sit and listen in the breeze. Ahhhhhhh. I think I might go back tomorrow.

Random Tuesday

No pics in this one, but I had to share the awesome. Today I stumbled across Lindsey Stirling‘s YouTube channel. Here’s her and Peter Hollen’s Skyrim video:

Wasn’t that freakin’ sweet? I want to be around people who love what they do that much, and have fun doing it. Passion is infectious. (Like a disease, but, you know, better.)