kinsol trestle

Portrait Day at the Trestle


Yesterday, a few of us drove out to Kinsol Trestle for an afternoon of portraits. There weren’t as many colourful leaves as we’d hoped for, but by the river was a pocket of colour – enough to make things interesting. A few hours of both silly and serious portraits passed quickly.


I even let someone else hold my camera (thanks to Carly for this photo, and Eric for the one below). I also successfully balanced on a rock without falling in the water. Proof:


Eric rested on a bigger rock. (Portraits and climbing up hills are tiring, dontcha know?)


We even managed a shot of both of us together! (Hard to do on our own usually).


I had so much fun taking photos of everyone (though next time we will have a better meet-up plan. Oops.) We found a few good spots, and rotated out so we all have options. Even Fenrir got in on the action.




I think some of my favourite images are the outtakes, but I’ll leave those for others to post ;) (I hope they do!) I can’t wait till next time.



Trestle, Revisited

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Two weeks ago. Kinsol Trestle.

Image Explorations, Part Three

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Just before going to Image Explorations, I got a new phone (the water damage/corrosion finally caught up with me). Turns out that the camera on that thing is pretty good, considering it makes calls.

Top two are with an HDR app. (Not bad…) Last three are with Pudding Camera. (Weird name, cool effects)

Image Explorations, Part One

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So, I might be a month and a half behind, but I finally made the time to put up my pictures from July!  These are from around the pond at Shawnigan Lake School, Kinsol Trestle, and the broken glass is from a junkyard :)