Hello, April

Today has been beautiful. I started with the perfect playlist this morning, and work went well. I decided that allergies be damned, it was too nice to be inside¬†and went to the beach. The wind was cold around the bluff, but this area was protected and the sun was warm. Perfect for a short on-paper planning session. It’s amazing how a sunny day can completely boost your mood. Hopefully, today is enough to get me through what looks to be an overcast week. Boo.

Meet Zeke

Zeke is Adam’s newly adopted dog. He’s only nine months old, so he still has a bit of growing left to do (!!!). He may still be a puppy, but he did great on our walk down the beach today – despite one or two little dogs taking offense to his presence.) So far I’ve determined he likes to lick you, isn’t sure about large bodies of water (waves are scary), and he can lick the cat food right out of their tunnel feeder. He has skills.

It was a perfect early spring day. Not too warm or cold, and though a few drops fell we avoided major rain. Everything is blooming now, including the hill of daffodils at Beacon Hill Park. Zeke’s a little too energetic to sit still for long, but maybe next year he’ll be calm enough to try a shot of him in the flowers :)

Canadian 4th of July

Beautiful sunset.

Port Angeles across the water.

I didn’t get any pictures of Canada Day – ours was pretty subdued, but still wonderful. But I ended up at the beach on the fourth of July, and I got the unexpected treat of seeing the holiday fireworks across the way in Port Angeles, Washington. ¬† :)

Island View Park

"Come at me, bro!"


Today I was shown a small but awesome sea glass beach in Sidney. I think I’m addicted. No pictures of that, because I was busy filling up my ice cream bucket with pieces of awesome :D But we also stopped off at Island View Beach to explore a bit, and drove all the way to the top of ” The Centre of the Universe” where you have an amazing view all the way around. Oh, and lunch at an awesome place called Bad Betty’s. Much better than staying at home, eh? Now, all this beach walking has me tired, so BED.

Rainy Beach Day

Yesterday we went out to Island View Beach, and saw an otter! It had a fish bigger than its head in its paws, which it left behind when we started walking closer. A sea gull was lying in wait to take it though. I also found out that one of my boots has a leak in it. Ugh. That was a nice surprise while standing in a puddle!

Today I made a giant loaf sandwich and carrot ginger squash soup, which turned out amazing. SO GOOD. We’re having the leftovers for dinner, with enough left to add to my soup stash in the freezer. yay! Here, have a bad cell phone picture of my delicious bread!

I also wrote out all of my holiday cards to send out this week. There’s still a couple cards left to write in, and I can put them in the mail box!

What did you do this weekend?