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Wednesday (on a Thursday)

I love rhododendron season. It’s like beautiful, colourful, tissue paper flowers but for real.


Somehow it’s already the 13th of May. Time is slippery.

Last week felt like summer, all bright and warm, and today is back to the slight chill of spring with socks definitely necessary inside today.

I am overwhelmed, honestly. I believe I’ll find my way through (I usually do) but for now the worry and discomfort is… not fun.

All I can do is keep this picture in mind today when I’m worked up. A sleepy sunbeam nap and an utterly relaxed cat. <3

Self-portrait, April 26

The best way to change my mood is to set up a photo.

The second best is to go out in the garden.


With the Sigma Art 50mm 1.4. Cat edition.

(The wood stack is my ex-worktable and yes it’s been there too long shhhh)