a little bit of thunder

…makes for some interesting skies.

We took a break from packing and stressing and took a little drive on some back roads and enjoyed the greenery while it lasts. Though I think we should be gone by the time it gets brown. Such a strange thought…

the beginning of an adventure…

This weekend was full of driving and ferries and more driving. We were on a quest to find a place to live in a city far away across mountains and parts of oceans. Luckily the weather was on our side, and it was beautiful and sunny almost the whole way there and back. We stopped and browsed and found new wonderful stores. We met cool people at the hostel with the same name as me :o) We found a place to live!

We’ll be moving mid-June, the three of us. We found a great suite with an owner that was really easy to talk to. I think this will be a good move for all of us. Now, if only free cube vans with unlimited gas fell from the sky, everything would be absolutely perfect!



Spring is a wonderful time for a picnic with friends.

It may have been cloudy, but it was a beautiful day for a picnic at the park. I suppose it’s good for me to get used to the weather now, as we will be moving to the island this summer. We’re doing a kamikaze run down this weekend to look at a few potential places to live. Wish us luck?


Sometimes you wonder…

There’s this sewing machine in a field.

Did it grow there? Did it decide, “Oh, I’ve had enough of this table and this window. I want to go outside!

Maybe it jumped off a table where it has been for years or out a window it has looked out for ages and went on an adventure.

It looks a bit damaged. Did it have a close call with a car? Is there an underground sewing machine cage fighting ring? (It’s the Brothers vs the Janomes on Saturdays)

It caught rides on neighbourhood dogs and skateboards, seeing all the sights it thought it would never see.

Children in the playground. Birds flying overhead.

Now it knows the feeling of the wind in its thread. The grass on its bottom. (It tickles)

I wonder what places it will go now?