New knitting

Even though I know I look silly in hats, this yarn wants to be a hat.

Fleece Artist Africa. 5mm needles because I don’t have 6mm in dp. I love these colours.

“Hey, can you take a picture of something?”

Last night, I took pictures of action figures with knock-off cheezies* for my friend’s site Dented Cans. Here’s a teaser.


*They’re like a cross between cheezies and cheetos. Strangely delicious.

Goldstream Provincial Park

Today started with a cool fall morning spent walking around Goldstream Park. The colours are really starting to show, and it was beautiful to see, even though I was disappointed that the salmon weren’t spawning yet. That’s okay though, because it gives me a reason to head back there in two weeks :) There were many families there, with small children and dogs in tow. People were gathered around campfires, having picnics. An excellent way to spend a day, I think. We didn’t go into the Nature House, though it might be something I check out next time. There is a small gallery that would be neat to see.


Mead, ho!

Tugwell Creek Farm Meadery, out past Sooke on West Coast Road.

It was a beautiful winding drive, with views of the ocean. The leaves are beginning to turn on the trees, and even though it was a little overcast, it was gorgeous. I love autumn.

Saanich Fall Fair

(Monster picture post)

This morning Eric and I went out to the Saanich Fall Fair. We spent a few hours looking at all the booths and petting the llamas and such. Turns out cows are A LOT bigger when they’re not halfway across a field, and pig squeals are louder than jet engines. (115 decibels to the plane’s 113) I also found out that sometimes llamas make noises like the baby T-rex in Jurassic Park. (Not kidding. It was a little creepy.)





Disco Llama





A little of this, a little of that…

I have nothing relevant, so here is a picture of the tiny sweater I knit.

So I have been horribly bad at taking my camera out lately. I mean, I went to a wedding and didn’t even take it out. Not once. In my defense, I was the Maid of Honour, so nyah :p And there was like six people take pictures already. And since we were unable to go to PAX this year because of moving (Next time, Gadget!) I’m having a Mini PAX at home – keeping twitter and news feeds open, and playing tons of video games.  I’m finally catching up on Dragon Age Origins (just killed a rather large dragon), and right now Braden is playing Deus Ex. This may not be anywhere as awesome as the real PAX, but at least I don’t need to have a hand sanitizer holster on my belt when I touch controllers ;)

Visits from family

My brother and my sister-in-law came down to visit last week. The weather was awesome the entire time, and we adventured all over downtown. I took them to see Craigdarroch Castle, the beautiful house that the Dunsmuir family built between 1887-1890. It’s had incarnations as a military college, a conservatory of music, as well as Victoria College, the starting point of UVIC. It’s now a museum, and the woodwork and interior is just amazing. I’d definitely recommend it to someone visiting the area. I might just go back in December to see how they decorate it :)

I also enlisted Chelsy to make my beef buns for dinner. They smell sooo good while they’re baking, and they taste pretty awesome too! I think they went over pretty well :)

Today’s plan is to throw some ingredients in the slow cooker and magically have chili at dinner. I’ll let you know how that goes, especially since the lid is AWOL. I think I can manage to rig something up with tin foil and a different lid. It may involve duct tape…

BC Day long weekend, and Vancouver Pride

The bike wouldn’t start, so they were left behind to push!

And she’s going to walk a whole parade in those boots?!

The flute guy was really into the music :)

These guys were singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

With those heels, I”m not surprised he was holding on!

The WestJet people were really happy :D

Mostly I just love her t-shirt

Impressive set of… wings? Must’ve been heavy.

The Global morning news people were there too :)

I got to visit Bailey, which was pretty darn awesome. I braved a ferry, a bus, and a skytrain, but it was a pretty smooth trip. This morning’s ferry ride back to the island was beautiful and sunny.

All in all, a great BC Long weekend :)


Beef buns

White bread recipe + cornish pasty filling = effing delicious.

Found an awesome locally made cider yesterday.

(Note the stegasaurus salt & pepper shakers in the backround)

Bonus game apron pic: